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Tuchodi Lake Treasure

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A U.S Army Douglas C-49 was on a routine scheduled flight from Fort Nelson to Fort Simpson in February of 1943. Along with its reported passengers and crew it also had onboard a U.S. Army payroll of more than $200,000 and close to 400 pounds of gold bullion. The C-49 never made it to Fort Simpson.  In fact the burned out and scattered wreckage of the Army transport  was found September 22, 1948 high above Tuchodi Lake which is situated very near to Fort Nelson.  Because 5 years had past much of the debris field was buried three to six feet under rockslides, and other effects of Mother Nature. Search teams were able to recover 11 bodies, however there is no record of the 200,000 dollar payroll or the 400 pounds of gold bullion.

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